Symptoms of Cold Allergy in Children and Prevention

Does your child's skin appear bumpy or reddish when cold air? If so, chances are your child has a cold allergy. Allergy itself is an overreaction of the immune system against stimuli that trigger allergies, one of which is cold air. Cold allergy in children is a skin reaction to cold temperatures, both air and water, which causes redness, swelling, and itching in certain body parts. This reaction occurs when cold temperatures trigger the release of substances that play a role in the appearance of allergic symptoms, namely histamine, into the bloodstream. This condition is thought to be related to hereditary factors and viral infections. Nevertheless, the exact cause of the body reacts to cold temperatures is still unknown. Symptoms of Cold Allergy in Children Generally cold allergy symptoms begin to appear after the skin is exposed to cold temperatures, whether air, water, or cold objects, such as ice, for two to five minutes. Not only that, cold allergies are also more at ri
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